Industry Specialties

The team at LFL Veritas has helped clients in a wide range of industries to understand and implement key, industry-specific business strategies. Below, you’ll find examples of how we assist clients in their specific fields of expertise, so they can accomplish their business and personal objectives. Tell us how we may help you achieve your goals.

Advertising/Public Relations

  • National ranking calculations
  • Out-of-pocket costs and reimbursable expenses
  • Fixed-fee and time and material billings
  • Intellectual capital creation


  • Fixed and variable cost analysis
  • Standard costing
  • Contribution margin
  • Break-even and incremental profitability


  • Inventory management/processes
  • Breakeven analyses
  • Landed cost analyses
  • Profit margin by product line


  • Revenue per professional
  • Job costing (labor, materials, equipment)
  • Fixed-fee vs. hourly billing analyses

Real Estate

  • Section 1031 Exchange analyses
  • Accelerated depreciation rules
  • Passive vs. active participation classification analyses

We’ve also collaborated with clients in the following industries:

Architecture – Retail – Medical Professionals

Understand your needs, based on general business principles and specific industry requirements. Put a plan into action. Start now.

Professionals and Executives


Professionals and Executives

Business Owners


Business Owners

Retired and High Net Worth Individuals


Retired and High Net Worth Individuals

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