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Tax Planning and Preparation

When it comes to managing taxes, you have two choices.

The first option is to plan on an ongoing basis, understand the tax implications of various transactions and decisions, and structure your finances to minimize taxes. This option provides you with a clear picture of your tax obligations months in advance.

The second option is to deal with taxes at the end of the year, figuring out how much you owe after the fact. In this case, you run the risk of scrambling to collect all required information and being surprised with a high tax bill you may not be able to pay.

At LFL Veritas, we take a strategic approach to tax planning and preparation. We learn about your goals, risk tolerance and life situation. We analyze your financial data. Then, we develop a tax plan that incorporates all of these factors – not just the numbers – and prepare your tax return to meet federal and state reporting requirements.

Our tax planning and preparation services include:

  • Ongoing planning discussions throughout the year
  • Detailed projections
  • Preparation and review of tax returns
  • Goal-oriented tax strategies

Contact us to learn more about our tax planning and preparation services.

Deferred Compensation Planning

It’s no secret that the primary advantage of deferred compensation plans is to limit your tax obligations. But there are several variables to consider for this strategy. How does a deferred compensation program work? How much can you afford to set aside? What are the tax implications? Do the benefits of your specific plan outweigh the risks?

Confusion about deferred compensation may lead to bad decisions. In some cases, people simply opt not to participate in excellent plans because they don’t understand how they work. The consequences are: less money in your pocket, lost compensation, paying more taxes than necessary, and a retirement plan that is less secure than it could be.

Making the right decisions today could determine whether you outlive your money or enjoy a comfortable retirement. LFL Veritas helps you evaluate complex deferred compensation opportunities, translate legal jargon, and determine if it makes sense to participate in this type of program based on your personal and business objectives. If it’s right for you, we’ll recommend an approach that allows you to maximize after-tax dollars to maintain your desired lifestyle, now and in retirement.

Our deferred compensation planning services include:

  • Review/analysis of available plans
  • Goal-oriented strategy development
  • Tax analysis
  • Implementation assistance

Let us help you determine if deferred compensation is right for you.

Stock Options and Restricted Stock Unit Planning

Exercising employee stock options and vesting restricted stock units (RSU’s) are transactions that may involve millions of dollars for you. When exercising options, it’s critical to understand the importance of timing and how your decision will affect your retirement. With restricted stock units, vesting requirements and schedules vary from employer to employer. If your employer goes out of business, what will happen to your money?

If you’re handed a big, thick agreement that lays out every detail of your stock-related opportunities, bring it to LFL Veritas. Let us educate you about how much stock to buy, when to sell, the tax implications of various scenarios, how much exposure you should have to the stock, what you need to do prior to vesting, and the risk of loss.

Don’t allow a lack of understanding lead to a bad decision or prevent you from taking advantage of a potentially life-changing opportunity. Contact us for the information and guidance you need to choose the best path forward.

Our stock option planning services include:

  • Review/analysis of available plans
  • Goal oriented strategy development
  • Tax analysis
  • Assistance with exercise decisions

Financial Planning

Will I have enough money to last the rest of my life? Will I become a financial burden to my children? If something happens to me, what will happen to my family? Is my money invested as it should be? What are my tax liabilities?

These are the questions our clients ask themselves every day. There’s a good chance that you’ll spend a third or more of your life in retirement; it’s crucial to plan as early as possible to ensure that you’ll have the money to support your lifestyle and take care of your family.

Financial planning begins with an analysis of your current financial situation and a discussion about your personal and professional goals. When do you want to retire? What kind of lifestyle do you hope to enjoy in retirement? What is your risk tolerance? Do you have enough life, disability, and long-term care insurance?

Based on this information, we calculate how much money you’ll need, establish a budget, and develop a financial plan to meet your specific objectives.

Our financial planning services include:

  • Forecasting living expenses
  • Helping you understand your risk tolerance
  • Retirement planning
  • Life event budget planning

Let LFL Veritas design a strategy that gives you and your family peace of mind – and financial security.

Professionals and Executives


Professionals and Executives

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